Create Unique Packaging

For Beauty Brands

Since 2010, OdesPack started to design and manufacture the packaging for perfume and cosmetics brands. We have established our own production facilities and development teams to ensure optimal cost and time efficiency for each project.

With innovation in design and technology, we develop and manufacture sustainable and exquisite perfume bottles and caps, cosmetics jars and makeup packaging for customers positioned in different markets.

Today, we pay more and more attention to the needs of sustainable development, committed to innovating Eco-friendly packaging material and designs, to create recyclable, refillable, multi-purpose and degradable packaging solutions for our clients.

Our Professional


We have set up our owned plastic and zamac production facilities from molding, injection, polishing, assembling, testing to packing, in our factories, we control the full production of differentiated components such as cap, collar, base and cover.

The complete supply system is an indispensable part of our manufacturing department, we have established long-term cooperation with excellent partners, through the combination of our in-house design, R&D, manufacturing and procurement, to offer our clients the full sets packaging with multiple options.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, advanced equipment, efficient process management, we can provide customers with cost-effective products timely.


From Great Ideas

We have always focused on process and technological innovation. Our design team creates novel and unique product designs by uniquely integrating different materials such as glass, metal, plastic, leather, wood, fabric, resin, crystal and other different decorative craft, to support the brand has a wealth of packaging solutions to choose from. Combined with our advanced technology in production facilities, the design can be mass-produced. On the other hand, the innovation of the craft and production process is to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase under the condition of maintaining high product quality, and save packaging costs for customers.

Our team concentrates on:

  • Design, improvement and implementation of processing processes,including optimization and automation of equipment, to increase capacity and reduce costs
  • Search for new materials and new decoration craft that can be used on packaging
  • Maintain innovation in product structure and exterior design



We give priority to sustainable and recyclable materials for cosmetic packaging, such as wood, glass, and zamac.

Professionally designed and processed by our team, these raw materials will be made into the perfect packaging with the feeling of luxury and eco-friendliness.

We cooperate with advanced glass factories, fire-polished glass bottles are processed instead of traditional manual polishing to avoid environmental pollution and damage to workers’ health.

In OdesPack production system, safety is everything.

Our process lines are completed by fully automatic equipment, electroplating and coating are processed by local suppliers with environmental protection qualifications, and industrial wastewater & waste is purified and treated in strict accordance with national standards, to reduce environmental pollution and avoid personal injury to workers.