Back to Nature, Back to Origin

The premium feel is also can be a natural, quiet and low-key expression.

Wood, gold and glass is a classic combination of perfume packaging.It’s from the Nature and end to the Nature.

We launched a Nature line with all wood caps for fragrance packaging solution.

Nature Collection, designed and developed by OdesPack, a cubic and elegant perfume bottle with wood cap

High-white level glass bottles, made by the best glass manufacturer of China, clear and shiny as crystal with its thick bottom and inner straight line shape, all to elevates the premium features of the fragrance.

The cube wood cap, raw materials come from sustainable forests, brings a warm, nature and peaceful feeling to products. The cap could be decorated with the logo laser-engraved on the surface. For a smooth surface appearance, caps usually be coated with protective varnish, or even with color coating to show the special characteristic of perfumes

At first the Nature Collection is proposed in 50 and 100 ml, available with many choices of wood and color, ash, pine, beech, oak. Ready mold for small quantity to start up your brand.