In Stock For Quick Delivery

A new smart line fragrance pack is now part of the Odespack’s range for quick delivery products.

We are aware of the diversified market demand, many new brands or new product lines need small quantities and fast delivery requirements, and at the same time to meet the brand’s personalized customization and decoration needs, although the quantity is small, stock products, but such products can still be high-quality, luxury packaging solutions.Odespack can help more and more new brands to provide high-quality product packaging solutions and components.

Design For Smart Choice, Produce For Order

We design and invest in mold manufacturing for this series of products according to different market styles and positioning. Our fragrance bottles, caps have been designed and selected by our team based off extensive research and a deep understanding of the world of fragrance.

This collection includes zamac caps, plastic caps, 4D thick base glass bottles. These in-stock products are available in different styles and compatible with individual customization needs, and it only takes 15 days from order to shipment.

How to personalize the decoration?

We choose the best glass bottles and caps according to the culture and story behind the fragrance, and the expectations of the brand, unlike tradition, we can use innovative techniques to decorate the glass bottles and caps to highlight the characteristics. This type of decoration process can be completed in small batches and quickly, perfectly matching the needs of the brand.