We are happy to share an interesting market case with you, the innovation craft on glass bottles, color UV printing.This packaging solution we provided to our customers, which has been successfully delivered and launched on market with the ideal market feedback.



A new generation of young consumers not only pursue high-end perfumes, but also have the enthusiasm to explore and possess when they found out a fun and playful perfumes. That’s why we’ve created a 50ml thick base perfume bottle decorated with colorful UV painting. Color UV printing is a new printing technology applied to a variety of materials, Features are Precise, efficient and cost-effective. through this process, we can deliver more art by printing on glass surface, the picture can be customized according to customer needs.

The wooden cap is a perfect material, it is an eco-friendly material that can be completely degraded and is the perfect choice for perfume covers with its nature but unique scent and texture.

We can also extend many designs, such as creating more patterns in cylindrical glass bottles or flat bottles.