More and more brands of Niche and natural perfumes was born and growing in popularity.

They realized that in this luxury industrial, the consumer demand for perfumes has changed, they are looking for the new level of refinement and personalization, it required more creativity of perfumes and packaging.

Excellent packaging can tell the story of perfume in the bottle, we believe that perfume is a culture of an art, in the design and manufacture of packaging for niche brands, we are good at associating the feeling of perfume smell transmission with art, so that the sense of smell and visual effects are combined, so we look for a variety of artworks whether traditional or modern, and constantly develop new craft to more accurately convey the culture and value of perfume.

Enamel is a traditional craft used in luxury goods and works of art, the perfect combination of metal and color makes it unique, it’s can be designed as modern or traditional style.

In perfume packaging aspect, we design and produce perfume bottles and caps with the creative craft of enamel, colors and shapes can be personalized to meet brands expect of the high art concept of perfume.